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Visit Melaka

Melaka is one of the cities I want to visit if I go to Malaysia. Maybe because in Melaka there is one of UNESCO’s world heritage cities around the famous Stadthuys complex. Finally, my wish came true. There are a flight budget, a budget hotel, and a long vacation, on November 19 2012 I go with a backpack myself to Malaysia.

Hang Tuah Bridge
It’s true the words of another backpacker friend, planning is very important. Before leaving, I did a little research about the places I wanted to visit in Melaka and how to get there. But sometimes the situation on the ground can be different from planning. Arriving at LCCT around 10:45 I felt a little confused.

My plan to Melaka is to take a Transnational bus that goes directly to the Mahkota Medical center (a place that is close to the Stadthuys complex) but alas, I missed the bus schedule at 11:30. Left behind because I was long circling to look for ticket counters. After asking here and there I finally found out that the booth was at the LCCT domestic arrival terminal. Waiting until the next schedule at 2 pm I feel very lazy. I am a person who does not like to wait. My Plan B is to go to KLIA (the actual Kuala Lumpur Airport) and take the train to the South Bersepadu Terminal at Bandar Tasik Selatan.

After buying a veg burger (because I’m vegetarian) I also went round and round looking for buses on international arrivals and found a purple bus. After asking the ticket clerk, it turned out that I could go to South Tasik Airport but it was transferred to the KLIA Transit ERL at the Salak Tinggi station. The ticket is only RM 10.8. Without thinking I got on the bus. The driver is already old and fat and the funny thing is the song that is tuned on the bus is the song Afgan (wow, here there are a lot of fans too).

About 20 minutes the journey finally arrived at the Salak Tinggi station, by waiting five minutes I took the KLIA Transit train to Bandar Tasik Selatan. The train is very comfortable, there is enough seating for all passengers and the important thing is very fast. I was so fast I didn’t feel it 20 minutes later I arrived at the southern united terminal (TBS). TBS is a bus terminal to the south of Malaysia, including buses to Singapore. Entering this terminal feels like entering the airport because it is so clean and neat. Many counters are available and we can buy bus tickets to all majors. I am looking for the bus that is the closest scheduled, namely Metrobus at 13.25 to Melaka for MYR 9.

After 2 hours of travel, I finally arrived at the Melaka Sentral bus terminal. Since I was still a little sleepy, I took a break while asking the bus information officer which I had to take to get to Stadthuys. On the instructions of the officer, I took bus number 17 to the destination of the crown. The bus resembles the ex-Japan PPD bus with a cold air conditioner and enough to pay MYR 1.3 within 15 minutes I arrived at Stadthuys.

It’s true the word backpacker friends the atmosphere here is like not in Malaysia but in Europe. The building is typical of Europe with walls painted in red and lots of foreign tourists passing by. Because my backpack felt very heavy, I hurried to the inn that I was booking through Agoda, D’laksamana. Because my Google map is not active, I had a little trouble finding its location, but with a little struggle, I finally found it. When there is an announcement at the door that guests who want to check-in must call the owner first. In my heart laughing (wow … overdone roaming pulse!).

The inn is a normal house that has been converted into a guesthouse, there are 4 rooms with a bathroom outside (shared bathroom) but very clean and the interior is very nice. That day I was the only guest there. After putting down my backpack, I took my camera bag, tripod, and umbrella (this is the most vital equipment that must be carried, understand the rainy season).

Walking along the edge of the Melaka river is very comfortable. Sidewalks along the river and a bridge to cross to the side next to it. My plan was to walk as far as Kampong Morten, but because there was building construction and there was no clear smoke I only arrived at Pirates Park. There I have dinner with fried rice … (pretty good). When the 7:00 p.m. time passes, that’s the blue hour time for me who likes landscape photography. I started by photographing the Hang Tuah Bridge decorated with colorful lights. Then the bridge across the Pirates Park.

Hang Tuah Bridge
After walking across the street I started photographing the atmosphere around Pirates Park, especially the Ferris Wheel which I thought was a miniature of Eye on Melaka which no longer existed.
Pirates Park
Pirates Park


Ferris Wheel
Pirates Park
Area Pirates Park

Once satisfied in the Pirates Park I walked to the inn, while photographing places along the Melaka River which at night were decorated with colorful lights (my estimate was deliberately decorated for selling river cruise tour packages).

Nightview Sungai Melaka
Kafe di sekitar sungai


Gereja St.Xavier


Perumahan sepanjang sungai


When I arrived at Stadthuys, it was still quite busy with tourists, and the pedicab was still operating, even though I walked along the river, it was very quiet.
Shifting a little I photographed Casa del Rio the most luxurious hotel along the river.
Casa del Rio
From casa del Rio I can take pictures of the ship museum, the Taming Sari Tower, and the stalls that are still open until night.
Menara Taming Sari
Returning to the inn, I took a shower and rested, ready to hunt the next day.

Early in the morning after bathing and tidying the luggage, I also rushed to the area of Stadthuys to just buy a key chain for souvenirs, breakfast, and have happy self-help. After checkout (just hang the key on the door and Chao …), I carried a 75L backpack carrying around the stadthuys, Umno museum, until A Famosa (the rest of the Portuguese fortress in power in Melaka). Because it was not strong enough to withstand the fatigue and weight of my backpack, I also sought a taxi to go to Melaka Sentral. The cost is quite expensive at RM 20 for a small distance. In Central Melaka, I bought a bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur (TBS) which is a transnational bus and what surprised me was the fare that was more expensive than yesterday’s KL-Melaka Metrobus fare which was MYR 12.30 even though it felt the same.

Jonker Street


Gedung Kemerdekaan


Kincir angin peninggalan Belanda
A Famosa
it’s me
narsis nih!
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