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How Crowded Toji Temple Is On Weekend

Toji Temple is a Buddhist temple which is a UNESCO world heritage in the city of Kyoto. The Toji Temple was built in the Heian Period where the capital of Japan was moved from Nara to Kyoto (Heiankyo). Considered Toji can be approved as carried out in the city of Kyoto.

Five Storied Pagoda at Toji Temple

If we look at the courtyard of the Toji Temple it is very wide. There is a pond and a beautiful garden. There is something interesting in the yard of this temple is a fairly wide place. Firstly, I guess the yard is use for parking lot or ceremony. But later i know it was wrong. This yard turned out to a market / Kobosan. Other building in the Toji temple area are Kondo (main building), Kodo (school), Jikido, Miedo and Five-storied Pagoda with a 55 meters high and it is the highest wood  building in Kyoto.

Garden of Toji temple (illumination)

In spring and autumn, the Toji Temple is one of the temples that is illuminated or equipped with lighting at night. And the temple is open to the public. Toji temple is open from 5 to 9 pm. I visited this temple on a Saturday night and taraa … I swear, it was very crowded. The queue can reach 300 meters for the entry ticket. And it’s so crowded inside. Almost all of people who come to Toji temple carry their cameras and tripods. Get a clear photos in the crowded is difficult.

The temple’s scenery is very beautiful. The light give the pagoda an amazing color view. I am amazed for the garden and pond which is decorated with red-leaved maple trees. The reflection of the light and trees in the pond is interesting, … superb view. If there is another opportunity, I will visit this temple again. And certainly, I will not come here on weekends or holidays in Japan.


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