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Focus on Culture and Nature

Photography has been my hobby since 2009. I Started by capturing moments during my trip with a simple small pocket camera. Although at that time I didn’t have a good quality of picture, but I was very happy with it. And now, I am taking pictures of various photography themes with my DSLR camera. I shot people’s portrait, Scenery, macro or other themes of photography with both crop sensor and full frame camera.


Culture and nature are basic of human kind. I love to capture some pictures under these themes. It makes me close to the reality that human civilization produce a unique culture that depends on its environment.


I have join a lot of photography community in which I could learn, upgrade my knowledge and build connections. Attended some workshops of photography especially in photography lighting was a very good experience for me. I did fun with a lot of basic skill of lighting that I could learned.


I have no desire to be serious in photography business because of my full time job as an electrical engineer. For me, photography is an activity that makes me enjoy and grateful for all the blessings of God’s creation and to express idea in my head into the work of photography.

But if you want to have photography services from me, I am almost free in weekends for helping you.


I am also a contributor for depositphotos. If you want to buy other photos please visit the link below:


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