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How Crowded Toji Temple Is On Weekend

Toji Temple is a Buddhist temple which is a UNESCO world heritage in the city of Kyoto. The Toji Temple was built in the Heian Period where the capital of Japan was moved from Nara to Kyoto (Heiankyo). Considered Toji can be approved as carried out in the city of Kyoto. If we look at the courtyard of the Toji Temple it is very wide. There is a pond and a beautiful garden. There is something interesting in the yard […]

Kacong Sunat Drama Dance

Watching the regional arts for me is an addictive entertainment. Maybe because since I was little, I was taught to love traditional culture and it has been carried over in my life until now. So it is not surprising … if wherever I go, I will study and like the local traditional culture, because the identity, mindset and way of life of people in an area are reflected in the traditional culture that develops there. Likewise, when I pursue photography […]

“Paintshop Pro X9” Cheap Software For Photographers

In my opinion, having a software license for a photographer is quite important. Sometimes some people are just ignorant about using pirated versions of the software, but when their photos are hijacked by other people, users of this pirated software can also complain, curse and even sue people who use photos of their work without permission. Well … Indeed, the price issue is the main factor for users of pirated software. For those who depend on photography to buy standard […]

Creative Traditional Dance

The development of traditional arts is in line with the rapid growth of tourism. The world of research especially if it is in line with the world of industry, research will develop very rapidly. Indeed, in the tourism industry the main attraction of Indonesia is culture, of course apart from our main advantage, namely exotic natural landscapes. Who doesn’t know the beauty of beaches in Bali? or the beautiful coral reefs in Bunaken? The diversity of local cultures is a […]

Indonesian Traditional Children’s Games

Childhood is a very exciting time. My only one favorite activity is playing. Playing in the field near home with friends is a pastime after school. However, in the midst of swift development, especially for children living in big cities, it is very difficult to just find an empty land to play with their friends. Even though childhood is our time to learn to socialize, cooperate, know nature and be free to express themselves. Gadgets are an escape for children […]

Blitudik Style of Macro World Photography

One thing that makes me not bored just walking around on the home page is there are many things that I can explore. If it wasn’t the knowledge about live pharmacies that I got from you, going around while taking pictures is an activity I routinely do when I return home to Bali. On this vacation, I brought photography equipment that I rarely carry, namely external flash and macro lenses. So I walked around the page while carrying my favorite […]

Topeng Sidakarya : The Sacred Dance “Penyida Karya”

Yadnya for Balinese Hindu society is a holy sacrifice that is sincere and sincere. There are five types of yadnya that are an obligation for Hindus, namely Dewa yadnya, Manusa yadnya, Rsi yadnya, Butha yadnya, and Pitra yadnya. Understanding yadnya for non-Hindu and non-Balinese is certainly a bit difficult, looks complicated, and costly. But for Balinese Hindus, the Yadnya is the main subject and the main obligation in navigating life as a human being. Yadnya itself is a translation of […]

Slow Speed for Landscape Photography

Slow speed photography is defined as taking pictures with a low shutter speed. Why is the shutter speed low? Because in low light conditions to get enough lighting with a small camera aperture will result in a low speed. If the camera is in your hand, the shots will be blurry, out of focus, disappointing … Eit … wait a minute, with certain techniques shooting at a slow speed will produce beautiful photos.   Slow Speed photography is a technique […]

Freeze The Water Splash

Shooting with a high shutter speed allows us to stop the movement of an object. Freeze water splash can produce beautiful photos. this time I tried photographing water splashes in a glass which is commonly called Splash Photography. To produce a splash photo, several things are needed, namely a camera with a shutter release cable. Tabletop milky white for a white background. Since I don’t have a good tabletop (at a very angled bend) there is a black line of […]

Food Photography

I used to wonder if photographing food was the same as photographing other objects. After taking several food shoots, I know that whatever the object is, the shooting technique remains the same. My first experience photographing food was during Mas Rizki Trestianto’s workshop in Bekasi Cyber Park. That’s when I got a little basics in food photography. There are several things that I can summarize at the training. 1. Equipment What is needed in shooting food is: A digital camera […]

Smartphone Photography

From time to time, the use of smartphones for photography is growing. If it’s just for status updates on social networks, the existing standard smartphones are very sufficient. The image quality is good, the file is not too big and very practical. To be honest, I now prefer to use a smartphone for daily shooting activities. Smartphones are now on average equipped with a standard 24mm lens, for the middle to upper class, there is autofocus facility, resolution above 5MP, […]

Children from Rumpin

I admit that times have changed a lot. I still remember playing in people’s fields as a child, making rifles from banana stalks, toy cars made of orange peels, joining my grandfather to find grass to feed cows, or helping my grandmother to find firewood. But that was then! Today’s children are different. Now it’s the modern era, electricity has entered remote areas, information is easily accessible. Gadgets, playstations, online games are children’s toys these days. In a big or […]

Tanjung Layar Sawarna

Opening a photo file when I went to Sawarna two years ago moved me to tell about my trip to Sawarna. It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to travel to Sawarna. Finally, from the photographer forum, I got a friend to travel there. We ended up hiring a minibus to go. On the trip we chose to take the Sukabumi route, namely through Pelabuhan Ratu, because through Lebak Banten the road is not that good. The trip was […]

Daytime Walking Tour

Backpack to Singapore became my activity to fill my vacation two years ago. Of course, I had planned it three months in advance. For a backpacker like me, the goal is to get a cheaper plane ticket than me going suddenly. Even when I go, I take it on weekdays, if I go on weekends plane tickets can go up like crazy, as well as lodging, it must be difficult. The Lion Air pp plane ticket was already in hand […]

Nighttime Walking Tour

Strolling around at night in Singapore is great fun. It’s not as scary here as walking at night in Jakarta. A visitor’s favorite place is along the Singapore river. There are many places to hang out, there are cafes or restaurants that are open until evening or seats along the sidewalk by the river. The river is very neat and there are walkways on both sides for pedestrians. The most touristy place, of course, is Marina Bay, which has a […]

Beautiful Belitung

Three years ago, it was my first time to Belitung. Very memorable trip. In terms of natural beauty, especially its beaches, Belitung is as beautiful as Bali. Of course there are its own characteristics, the beach of Belitung is full of large granite stones scattered while the beaches in Bali are generally steep and sharp corals. I myself was surprised how come in the middle of the sea there is a giant granite stone, like it just fell from the […]

Travel Itinerary – Malaysia 4D3N

Planning a trip is very important and getting cheap tickets is a lot of fun. Here I am sharing a little itinerary for my 4D3N travel costs in Malaysia (Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya). Hopefully this can be useful for colleagues who want to travel to Malaysia. Actually, a lot can be saved, such as lodging. Since I go alone I prefer a single room alone. If you go together with friends, maybe you can find a hostel for backpackers […]

Amazing Batu Caves

Batu Caves is one of the tourist destinations in Malaysia. The Batu Cave complex is a rocky mountain with caves and a Hindu temple complex. To get to Batu Caves, you can take a tourist bus for those who join the tour package or for backpackers by using the KTM Commuter train from KL Sentral to Batu Caves station. When buying a ticket to Batu Caves in KL, there is an announcement that if you want to go to Batu […]

Traveled in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. There is nothing really special about this city other than the city’s landmark, namely the Petronas twin towers. I think this city is much better than Jakarta. Crowded, and a little traffic jam indeed, but the public facilities are very comfortable. With this level of crowd and congestion alone, the center of government has been moved to Putrajaya, compared to Jakarta, which is twice as congested, and moving the center of government […]

Putrajaya in Four Hour

Putrajaya is the capital of the Malaysian government. In my mind, the government city is a busy and bustling city. But I was wrong. Putrajaya city with lots of new buildings, especially offices and wide streets. Very comfortable walking here, no traffic jams, even more surprised that above 7 o’clock it is very quiet. The soft drink shop that was open in the afternoon when I came was closed. And people who walk and cars that pass can be counted […]

Visit Melaka

Melaka is one of the cities I want to visit if I go to Malaysia. Maybe because in Melaka there is one of UNESCO’s world heritage cities around the famous Stadthuys complex. Finally, my wish came true. There are a flight budget, a budget hotel, and a long vacation, on November 19 2012 I go with a backpack myself to Malaysia. It’s true the words of another backpacker friend, planning is very important. Before leaving, I did a little research […]

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